Our history begins in the 16th century..

as a Maori village of the Waitaha tribe, named “Kapukariki”; meaning the little Kapuka tree.

The river and village were later named after Sir Edward Cust, who was a prominent member of the Canterbury association, which arranged early NZ settlement and immigrant ships to Canterbury (1850-1853).

By 1866 there were already 150 houses and around 500 people living in the Cust area.

The Cust Museum contains a full and fascinating look back into our past. Located in the old Water supply board building on Main Rd.( entry free: 2-4pm Sundays)cust-museum

Cust School celebrates 150 years


Photo’s show the 1st School and the replacement on the current school site.

The Cust Motorcycle Grand prix 1936-1963

This became a famous NZ event held every Easter on our dirt roads. Check it out here: CustGrandPrix and Archives NZ